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About Words of Life

ESL. That name alone can bring many things to mind. At Words of Life, we go beyond traditional ESL. We believe in the importance of seeing the patterns of spoken and written English, not the "rules". We do not rely on textbooks - we rely on authentic examples (think real emails, real conversations, real tasks) and collaborative learning that gives YOU the voice to ask the questions you want to ask. We take the time to understand why real-world English often seems different than the "standard" that you may have learned in the past. We take your interests, strengths, and questions seriously and are not afraid to tackle to tough things.

Our professors are highly-educated, fairly-compensated professionals with at least a master's degree in TESL, so we are able to bring tested and effective teaching methods and a superior level of knowledge to you. Whether you attend an in-person class or tutoring session or receive online support, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of satisfaction in your ability to use English for your purposes.