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Classes and Tutoring

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English Class in the U.S.

Our two-week part time in-person class in the U.S. is an excellent option for students to get a jump start on improving their skills in an all-English environment. This is a perfect option for those visiting over a vacation to take a break from fast-paced city life and soak in high-quality English lessons amidst experiencing a traditional small-town life in downtown Wooster, Ohio. Since class is only half the day, you get to visit local shops and restaurants, take day-trips to nearby cities like Cleveland or Columbus, and on the weekends there are many major cities like Chicago, New York City, and Washington D.C. within a day's drive. Take the opportunity to squeeze in a few university campus visits, as well! Ask us about help arranging this!

Writing Improvement

Are you mainly focused on improving your written communication? Whether it's an academic essay, a thesis, an email, a presentation, or a manuscript - we can help! Submit your written work for a free quote. All writing improvement sessions will include suggestions for your writing as well as detailed information about why a change is suggested - helping YOU to learn more and write more successfully on your own in the future.